Sunday, 19 January 2014

Down at 'The Shore'

These are a few photos I took on Friday night at 'The Shore' in Dundee. My friend's band were doing a gig there along with a few other local groups and I'd been asked to take pictures of the evening. They didn't really come out as well as I wanted them to, but never mind. I've had to tweak most of them on the computer to try to improve the quality of the images.
Despite being unable to get any spectacularly good shots, the evening went pretty well. All four bands playing at the venue sounded great, even if there were one or two slip-ups with musical timing and whatnot. I'll be doing a write-up about the gig shortly which I'll be posting on the Guide, and also publishing in the local paper... 
One of the bands

Rocking out

My friend's band 'Hiding in Plain Sight'

This girl is called...Beth, I think.