Sunday, 27 January 2013

More pictures in the Snow

More snow for you! You're going to be sick of it if you live in the UK. There's just been so much! We've practically had to dig ourselves out the house the past couple of days. It's melting now though :( 

Buried in the Snow

These are a few pictures I took yesterday of my street completely buried in snow. The previous day we even got off school because of the amount of snow there was! I hope you like these, I will be posting a few more since I went a bit snap-happy and ended up with quite a few. I particularly like the first one. Comment ones you like or don't like! 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I've Lost My Cable!

As you can probably guess from the post title, I have somehow managed to misplace the cable for my camera which means I will not be uploading any recent pictures to the blog which is nothing short of annoying because I have literally just taken some photos of my street which is entirely buried in snow! In the mean time I will keep looking for the cable and taking photographs, which I hope you will be able to view soon. If I don't find it I'll just have to borrow my friend's cable as about three of them have the same camera as me (handy I know) and then I'll have to buy a new one provided it won't be too expensive. For now I'll just have to post less recent pictures I've taken, if I can find any good ones...

These are pictures I took around new year on a walk through Drimmie Woods. I've already put up a few from the same album, but oh well. I hope you like these!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Castle Dow Walk

Here are some pictures I took today on the Castle Dow walk at Grandtully. It was uphill all the way but it was definitely worth the effort for the view at the top where you find yourself surrounded by Victorian cairn like sculptures. The view of the river Tay was spectacular, especially in the low winter light. Throughout most of the walk you follow the forestry commission road until the last few paces where you take a narrow track to the summit of the hill. The walk was about 4.5miles (to the top and back down). Apparently there is to be a hill run there at some point as well. To all those brave and mad enough to participate in the event, I salute you!

Victorian Cairn Sculptures
Dad and his binos
Lichen on Cairn sculpture

A Creepy House And I Plant I'm Not Sure Of

I took these pictures while going on a walk through Bluebell Woods. The top picture is one of a rather run down house on the edge of the wood, which I think is being done up. On any day it makes for a pretty gloomy site and it has always creeped me out a bit. The second picture is of a plant that grows in the front garden of my home called Teasle or Teasel, I'm not sure which. My dad planted it in order to attract bees, other insects and birds. I took this photo before going on the walk.

Grasses In The Wind

This was taken before a walk through Drimmie woods. I was just messing around with the zoom on my new camera when I took this

Finally I Have Pictures!

I have finally worked out a way to put photos onto the blog! I still can't upload them which makes me want to throw the computer against a wall hulk style. I've found that the only way I can get new photos up is to post them on my google profile and then take them off the Picasa web album file and then put them on the blog. Yes its stressful business but I've got some photos for you at least. Also, I made a new Google profile for another blog of mine and then realised if I invited myself to post on this one I don't have to create another profile. It's all very confusing but it works out relatively well in the end.

On to the photos:

These two are experimental photos of a lampshade in my grandmother's house. Not a particularly thrilling subject, but its good practise and I think they turned out pretty well. I've got a few more to post so watch this space.

Sudden Lack Of Pictures

I was going to post some pictures that I have recently taken because I haven't posted in ages but for some reason the picture upload link icon isn't working. So I think I'll just explain why I haven't posted. It's because I just got fed up with my camera. I couldn't take the sort of pictures I wanted to. I was going to try to post some pictures today that were taken with my new camera which I got for christmas. It's a Fujifilm Finepix S4500 which I think is a bridge camera, so the images are a lot better than the ones taken by my previous camera. I'm going to attempt to post some pictures later on, probably tomorrow. The computer is just doing my head in at the minute!