Monday, 25 June 2012


So, again my minions, I have a theme! Animals! Yay! Everybody (me) start cheering! Done? Great...
Today it's been weirdly warm and humid, very unlike Scotland. Normally, even in these glorious summer months, it's rainy and cold - not complaining though. These pictures are all from a few weeks ago, as were the pictures from the previous two posts, because I haven't got that lovely camera anymore! I was seriously considering stealing it, but I think my aunt might have come after me with a blunt object and beat me to death...

This first one was taken in this grassy area down by my house called the 'Gamesy' for some reason. It's the usual dog walkers haunt, as the tell tale signs of dog crap indicate. Really guys, poop and scoop! I saw these two dogs playing together, though I don't think they belonged to the same owner. I didn't want to get any closer and interrupt their game, so I sat back and tried to zoom in the best I could.

Another doggy picture! Also a nice view of the times with the solar panneled house in the background there.

The minute this crow saw me it took a disliking to me and kept flying off just as I was about to get a good photo. Damn you crow, damn you! Got one in the end though.

Look closely and on the dandelion you will see not one bug but two. I took a picture of this thinking it was just one bug but then, to my horror, realised it was two bugs, one trying to kill the other. Realising this slightly too late I tried to rescue the poor bug getting it's guts liquidized and ended up squishing them both. That is the last time I try to intervene with natures will!

Another animal I annoyed that day, not on purpose of course. At first the cat was all friendly like 'stroke me pleeease!' and the minute it realised I had a camera in my hand it gave me the worlds most disgusted look and strolled off underneath a car. Grabbing the bull by the horns, I took a photo of the angry feline. You can see its eyes just...glaring. Very scary.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


These are some of the photos I took at the judo competition in Invergordon, in which my brothers were competing. I never actually got any good photos of them, but of course I couldn't just let an opportunity like that slide, so I took pictures of the other competetors. I don't know any of their names or who they are, I just know that they gave me a few action packed pictures.

For most of the time I had the camera on shutter speed 2500...I think... trying to get a good photo of a throw. And I did manage to get a few good ones, but a lot of the time I got a bit too enthusiastic and started jerking the camera around. So along with the good shots, I ended up with plenty of blurred ones and here are the best few...

(What I like about these photos is the colour scheme, especially the purple of the wall, and I love the way you can see the creases in the children's suits. Also, the looks on their faces - priceless.)

This one is blurred, but I like the movement captured here :)

Childhood Memories

Finally I have given myself a theme! I chose the theme 'childhood memories' after taking a number of photographs of an abandoned memory. There was something sad about that mini mouse welly that tugged at my heartstrings. I felt sorry for it, lying there in the leaf litter, under a large tree, just out the front of somebody's house. Its vivid colours caught my attention as I walked by, and I knew I had to take a picture of it. The second photograph, to me, is classic. I'm sure every child remembers going for a bike ride with their mum, dad, sister, auntie, or even just a friend. That has to be a classic. I also love the reflection of the child's pink bike in the puddle and how that moment will be frozen in time forever now. I took both of these photos on my regular old chestnut of a walk, a route I can always rely on in finding something.

The next two photographs were taken on a beach in Ardisier when my family went out for a day out after attending a judo competition in Invergordon. My childhood is definitely very beach orientated. A lot of the memories I have of summer holidays, especially ones to Ireland, were taken up by a particular pebble beach called Coshine...I'm not really sure on how to spell it. So I thought the beach pictures would be appropriate. The first of the two beach photos is of my brothers as they explored the mud flats searching for crabs and shrimps. The second is what I like to thinks of as a crab's - eye - view of the expanse of pebbles that made up the beach. It also captures some of the green countryside along the coast and the blazing sunshine.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!