Monday, 15 April 2013

And today's photos are...

Today was the first really sunny day we've had since...probably summer. And it was WARM! Ok, so when I say warm I mean around 10 Celsius, but that's relatively toasty compared to the weather we've been getting. I took these photos on my way down to my gran's...
I think this building used to be part of a farm. It's now no longer in use and in the middle of a residential area.

 The bright colours of the plastics here caught my eye as I walked past an industrial estate.

 It was a cool bike. I had to take a photo. 'Nuff said!

After the last couple of days, rain and sun have caused the snow on the high ground to melt and now the river looks like it's about to burst.

Hope you liked these pictures. I'd appreciate your feedback if you have any! :)

Spring Frogs

Spring is springing and all the animals are getting...well...frisky. The frogs that live in my gran's pond are no exception. So, since they were splashing around and acting absolutely ridiculous I thought I'd take a few pictures.
Look at his guy! I swear he's smiling! This has to be one of the funniest pictures I've ever taken!

And this one's the complete opposite. I think I'll call him Grumpy.

 Frogs have such massive eyes. They're quite pretty actually...

 My brothers insisted on trying to catch the frogs since there were so many (I had to join in too). The frogs actually didn't seem to mind much and were quite happy to sit in our hands.

Some frogs were friendlier than others. This frog got the completely wrong end of the stick and seemed to think that my brothers hand was a lady frog and errr...refused to let go.

Hope you liked the pictures!

Friday, 5 April 2013


Yes, you are looking at pictures of towels. I just thought I'd post them because it proves that you really can take photos of anything and quite like these pictures really!

Monday, 1 April 2013

New pics

Hey everyone! I know I said on my google profile that I'd have pictures up on Friday or Saturday, but I was a little bit busy with family gatherings and what not. So, I finally have some stuff to put up and I hope you enjoy them.