Friday, 6 July 2012

From Loch Of The Lowes To Dunkeld

I took this today on another of our loverly walks. It’s just a tree stump I thought was a bit odd since there seemed to be holes burrowed in it. My rubbish camera has done me proud…sort of. Now it’s just my computer letting me down since it won’t let me edit any pictures. I know, the hard life of a country gal.
Our walk was about 7km, not too bad actually. I quite enjoyed it since it was hot again today. It’s quite strange since the sun hasn’t been shining, in fact, it feels like there should be a massive thunder storm. I’ve heard that over the next two days we’re getting a months worth of rain. I can believe it after the rain we had last night! (Oh yeah, well done Andy, you’ve reached the Wimbledon final!)
I thought these sheep were absolutely hilarious! My brother, being a bit strange, started making baaing noises and completely wound them up. They were just running in the opposite direction to him, and throwing the dirtiest looks sheep can possibly throw!
We walked by a few piles of logs as we neared the saw mill, so I thought I’d take a nice wee picture of the stacked logs. I quite like the colour of the centres of the logs, it looks a little like caramel. Now I’m just making myself hungry!
P.S good luck to all those at T in the park, especially my cousin. It’s going to tip it down.

Drimi Woods


This was taken with my rubbish camera. Why? I think my aunt is selling the other one. *Insert scream of frustration here*. Aw well, I guess I’ll have to invest in a camera of my own. Until then, I’m back to the Sony. I took this photo while on a walk with ma daddio and brother in Drimi woods (not sure of the spelling here) as you do. Unfortunately during the walk we were attacked by swarms of flies and I was drooled on by somebody’s labrador. And when I say drooled on, I mean there was a puddle on my coat. It was a grim moment I tell you.
I think this is called a convex mirror…it was by the roadside and I thought it would look cool. I’m surprised it turned out alright (mainly because I’ve realised it’s near impossible to take good pictures on a bad camera) but there’s still the problem of the date appearing on EVERY PHOTOGRAPH! Maybe if I moan enough, on my blog and at home, someone will eventually get so annoyed they might buy me a camera. Very wishful thinking I know.
This is my dad freeing a sheep from a fence. I don’t know why but a lot of my memories of him involve things being freed from fences. It’s like he’s the saviour of animals in distress. The man really should join the RSPCA. The sheep, being kind of dumb, decided it was going to free itself and got its wool tangled into the wire. Dad did eventually get it out though. 
P.S I’m using windows live writer to publish this, so if it comes out all weird you know why!