Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Run Balmoral 2013

These are a couple of photos I took when I took part in Run Balmoral 2013. It was a brilliant event and I'm recommending it to everyone who enjoys running (and even those who don't!).  I completed the 5k course in 27:04 or 06 and raised 104 pounds for Cancer Research UK and an additional hundred for the Blairgowrie Lyric Choir. I hope to beat my time for next year and I'm pretty positive that I can do it as well.

The picture below is of some of the secondary kids unwillingly taking part in the most hilarious warm up routine I have ever witnessed. Basically you have to copy a bunch of ladies dressed like tomatoes as they bust warm up moves to pop music. I took part in the warm up for the 5k mostly because I found it so funny.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Plastic surgery

I've been really annoyed lately because since one of our laptops was upgraded to windows seven, I can't edit photos because there is no more windows live photo editor!!! The only way I can edit them when I want to is by putting the computers on my mum's laptop. When I do this, I have to delete the photos afterwards because she doesn't want them slowing down the computer. I only recently discovered I could edit stuff on mum's laptop as well...this was after I'd downloaded Gimp onto the other laptop which slowed it down sooo much. It's a good thing that laptop is on its way out anyway, otherwise I probably would have got a row!

Here are my edited photos which I went a bit mental with!

Yeah...this is like giving photographs plastic surgery

 I tried to make this one as creepy as I could...

The carving was pretty faint so I just spruced it up a bit :)


I took these walking up by Menzies castle on the sculpture trail. My family has a bit of history with that castle and rumour has it, my dad could have been its laird. But because this is my family and opportunities for ultimate coolness constantly seem to be missed, we do not have a stake on the castle. Damn. Oh are the pictures I took.

I was quite interested in the amazing rock formations that dominated the hillside the walk wound round. There were a lot of natural rock walls that would have been brilliant for climbing, and of course there were the carvings. Some were quite hard to spot - we missed the most famous one which is carved into the rocks around St David's well. The well is more like a spring really and would be pretty easy to overlook. Someone had even left their toy elephant there which had gathered a lot of plant life.

The first thing I noticed when my dad pointed out this sculpture was the eye. It took me a while to figure out that it was part of a larger piece (slow as I am sometimes). There was some dispute as to what this carving was; we eventually over ruled the possibility that it was a dinosaur and settled for a dragon instead.

I wasn't even really looking when I took this photo. I was just peering into a tiny cave and snapping away and only realised I'd taken a decent shot when I got home!

 Visitors have been leaving coins on the sculptures for good luck (I think)

My mum suggested I remove the coins to take a better picture because the money made the sculpture look cheap. My reaction:

Me: I can't!
Mum: Why not?
Me: Because!
Mum: You can put them back afterwards
Me: Mum!
Mum: What?
Me: Taboo!

Yes. I would like to claim I'm not superstitious, but the idea of removing the coins just didn't strike me as a good one.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pictures from the garden


 I'm going to start by saying that today was actually warm for once! I didn't even have to wear a jacket! Those of you who live in warmer climates probably don't understand the significance of of heat after winter - let me tell you, it is bliss. So, in this brilliant heat, I took a few pictures of my garden because the sun was shining and everything looked all summery! And as you can tell the weather put me in a good mood.
Tadpoles in the pond

Just sunbathing...
For some reason this photo doesn't want a caption so I'll just write it up here. This is a hoverfly...sitting on a flower. Yup.

The cutest dog ever...(in my opinion)

Some photographs I took favourite has to be the one of my friend's dog Fergus. He's so adorable!

Do you see what I mean?